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Elephant Mom Crying for Help Leads Rescuers To Her Trapped Baby

The fact that people will go as far as bringing some heavy machinery just to save a baby elephant is just amazing, This is called humanity! Hope each of us …


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Wild Boar Ran into the Wrong – Animal Incidents Caught on Camera

A selection of new moments and cases with animals is ready! You have definitely never seen anything like this, here you will find not only incredible crazy battles and battles …

Corn Snake laying an egg

Bullsnake eating chicken eggs


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15 Scary Moments When Buffaloes Turn Lions Into Their Prey

So now, in this video, you’re gonna see that buffaloes can also become one of the top hunters in nature, even better than lions since they can knock-out it with …

We’ve been waiting 90 DAYS for this!

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to spoil the car!

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Andris brings a little chick

We’ve been waiting 90 DAYS for this!