Dog Messed With Wrong Leopard & 45 Moments Dog Become Prey

Dog Messed With Wrong Leopard & 5 Moments Dog Become Prey | Animal World
This unexpected shot captures a dog roaming through the woods, not only that its leg appears to have been injured in animal world. Not detecting anything abnormal, it still calmly lay down to rest.

It seems that this dog was raised by humans and not wild, it was not alert lying in the middle of the road in animal world. But wild nature is too dangerous, just a little lack of vigilance is also an opportunity for others.

A leopard spotted it and quickly attacked, at first the dog was somewhat startled. But soon it got up and turned on the defense mode, the dog barked so fiercely that the leopard scared away in animal world.

Dogs have always been prized for their intelligence, as proven in this perilous situation. To be able to fight directly, it is difficult for a dog to defeat an experienced leopard in animal world.

This dog was caught by a leopard, still like a familiar way of hunting, the leopard bit the prey’s throat to death in animal world. But this wise dog instead of fighting it faked his death to deceive the predator. When the leopard brought it up to the tree, the dog still showed no signs of life.

Until the leopard began to observe a safer location, it caught off guard with the dog in animal world. Taking that opportunity, the dog quickly ran away, surprising the leopard.

And that’s why leopards make forays into human areas to kidnap dogs. They often appear at night to catch the dogs in animal world. Many incidents were captured by the camera with the cruel scene of dogs being attacked by leopards, killed and eaten in animal world.

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