15 Most Ruthless Animal Battles Ever Filmed

Dog Vs Lizard

I’m guessing dogs and lizards are not the best of friends and in this first video, we can see exactly why that is, as this dog circles this lizard trying to find a way to bite it. The lizard keeps his guard and swings his tail in the hopes of scaring off the dog, but the dog insists and wants to fight the lizard. Nothing much happens, except when the dog tries biting the lizard’s tail.

The lizard eventually heads for the taller grass where the dog slowly becomes less interested in the reptile. In our next video, the assailant is the lizard this time and it charges the dog on several occasions until they both go tumbling down the road after which the dog gets a firm grip on the lizard’s neck. The lizard manages to free itself, but it looks like it’s injured.

A second dog joins the fight, and it looks to be the dog’s midget brother. The lizard fends them both off and it looks like it will be okay, for now. Next, this large lizard is surrounded by four dogs that bark a lot, but that’s about it. It seems like neither of the dogs has the guts to make the first move, so they just taunt the lizard and annoy it to the tilt.

Bird Vs Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis can be preyed upon by certain birds, but it’s never easy for a bird that tries to take on this murderous insect. Most people know how deadly the praying mantis is and I‘m thinking this little bird knows it too because as much as it flies back and forth, trying to find an angle to attack the killer insect, it never comes close enough for the mantis to deliver its fatal blow.

The bird realizes there is too much going on and decides to fly away. All the birds taking on the praying mantis hesitate and are not able to make the kill, just like this other bird, meddling around in mantis territory without accomplishing anything.

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